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Games and Media

As a big fan of Videogame Music, and Film and TV scores, I am aware of how the music should be integral to the world in which a story or interactive experience takes place.  I am very interested in creating a strong musical identity for a project.


I'm also great with deadlines, and equally happy to work as part of a team bringing other peoples ideas to life or bringing bags of my own creativity to the table.



      Below are some different examples of my work, divided by         genre:

My Skills:



-Classically Trained Composer and Orchestrator (Royal Conservatoire of Scotland)

-Accomplished multi-instrumentalist

-Expert knowledge of a wide range of popular music genres

-Strong interest in videogames and videogame music


Music production and sound design

-Advanced signal processing

-Mixing & Mastering

-Professional quality synths and sound libraries (including Symphobia and Superior Drummer 2.0)

-Knowledge of dyanamic score production techniques


If you like what you hear, GET IN TOUCH and we can discuss how I can take your project to the next level.







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