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I see huge social value in the arts and I think that everyone regardless of their life situation deserves to have that experience. I've seen changes in people's mood, confidence and relationships with others many times through my work and I'm always seeking further opportunities to facilitate this.

My approach is always to be flexible towards what the group I'm working with wants, and I have facilitated music workshops that take the form of group singing, body percussion, extended instrumental jam sessions, hip hop battles, digital music production and more, all in a way that seeks to make every individual feel like they have an equally important role in what we're doing, regardless of ability level.

Education/Community Music


Toonspeak -  Associate Artist, Culture Collective and Sound Sessions - Nov 21- Sept 23
Impact Arts - Lead Music Tutor, Polmont Young Offenders Institute -Nov 20-21
Givin' It Laldie - Community Musician - Oct 19-April 21

Govanhill Baths Community Trust – Music Tutor - March/April 20


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