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Hugh Holton Guitar

Hugh Holton



If you like what you hear and think I could be of service to you, or you would like any further information, please don't hesitate to get in touch with me at


Arelite Core (PC) - Dragon Slumber, TBA

The Metronomicon (PC) - Puuba Inc. TBA

5 Star Wrestling: Regenesis (PS4) - Serious Parody, 2016

5 Star Wrestling (PS3) - Serious Parody, 2015

The Money (Short Film) - Gwenllian Thurstan, 2015

Skin Deep (Short Film) - Gwenllian Thurstan, 2015

Vandals (Short Film) - Samantha Son-Dokidis, 2015

Wallpaper (Short Film) - Louise Dawson, 2014

Ghost Hunters (Short Film) - Bethany Angus, 2014

Independent (Short Film)- Gwenllian Thurstan, 2013


'A Winter Romance' RCS Plug 2014
'MONAD' 100th Anniversary of the Rite of Spring - BBC SSO 2013

Composer, Producer, Songwriter

      and Multi-Instrumentalist


Glasgow, UK

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