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Crush Mouse's music is a playful mash of pop, rock, and hip-hop, with the personality of a Britney Spears CD misplaced inside a Limp Bizkit Jewel Case. Taking inspiration from the likes of Dorian Electra and 100 Gecs, varied, larger than life instrumentals set the backdrop for colourful, cartoonish, but relatable takes on being a flawed human.

Crush Mouse is the brainchild of artist/producer Hugh Holton (They/Them), making songs that are equally at home being listened to in a messy bedroom; accompanying one of their action-packed music videos; or during one of Crush Mouse's skateboard-riding, nunchuck-swinging, guitar solo-ing riots of a live show.

“Crush Mouse has caught our attention with [their] 'don't take life too seriously' bops. In short, it's good fun and we are about it.”

- Tallah Brash, The Skinny

“How can you not hear 20,000 people singing along to that at a festival?! ...Crush Mouse has really hit the nail on the head”

- Phoebe Inglis-Holmes, BBC Introducing in Scotland

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